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Joseph Puca

 A Candle Co. stocks an extensive library of fragrances. Below is a list with descriptions of all of our fragrance oils. We stock large quantities of each fragrance, ready for large run production. We can custom blend any of our stock fragrance oils. We can also have our Fragrance House custom create a fragrance for your needs. One of our top priorities is offering the most extensive list of high quality fragrances for our clients.


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Amaretto - This fragrance is the...

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How to Add Images To Candles

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Have a few plain candles in a cabinet somewhere? Today, I’m going to share with you how to add images to candles using a heat gun. Using this technique, I turned plain white inexpensive candles into beautiful ones that look like they came from an upscale boutique. These make great gifts!#DIYGift #1HourProject

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Decor Ideas using Candles

Joseph Puca Candle Decor Scented Soy Candles


Style for Your Home

Everything seems lovelier by candlelight. Candles can add warmth, style and ambiance to any room in the home.
Whether grouped for drama in the living room, paired in candlesticks on the dining table, or snuggled in colored glass votives on the mantel, candles add elegance...

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Candle Making Trends for the Candle Industry

Joseph Puca Candle Making Scented Soy Candles

Very good blog I found on candle trends by Erica

Candle Making Trends

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