Scented Soy Candles Made in the USA!
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Scented Jar Candles

Hand Made in South River, New Jersey by Bell-A-Roma Candles. These are high end scented jar candles that sell below the competitions price. These scented soy jar candles are full-bodied fragrances that last the entire burn. We guarantee the highest possible oil concentrate so our jar candles are super saturated with fragrance throughout the entire candle. Over 100 fragrances are available in our hand poured scented jar candles. We have developed our own soy blend wax that maximizes scent throw while burning cleaner than paraffin wax. All of our soy jar candles are made with natural cotton wicks. Our scented jar candle collection is hand poured to order, which allows you to choose fragrance and color. Soy candles burn for about 8 hours per ounce. At Bell-A-Roma, our mission is to manufacture the best scented jar candle in the market place nose down!